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There has NEVER been a better time to become a LIFE COACH! The world needs you more now than ever! Become a life coach and create a purpose-driven business doing what you love—helping people transform their lives.

Life Coaching Courses by BeU2thefull Coaching is designed to provide foundational instruction on the principles of life coaching.

The course starts when you say go! It is on manual distribution which means you receive all 7 lessons upon registration. This is a self-pace and a learn as you go study platform. Perfect for those who are on the go and cannot conform to a structured schedule. Go as fast as you like or take your time as long as you complete the course within a 4-month period.  

After each lesson, you are encouraged to connect with Certified Life Coach Trainer, Janice Thorne to ask questions and guidance on the lesson curriculum. Once you are satisfied with what you've learned from the lesson, move forward with the next lesson in the curriculum.

Once you've completed all 7 lessons, a interview exam will be conducted to ascertain your knowledge level and you will be certified as a life coach.

Here are the lessons:

Lesson 1: What is Coaching?

Lesson 2: Basics of Goal Attainment

Lesson 3: Action Plan 101

Lesson 4: The Golden Rule of Questioning

Lesson 5: Listening and Acknowledging

Lesson 6: Empowering Your Client

Lesson 7: Living in the Moment

It's your time to become a life coach. Start your journey here!

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  • Now is your time to become a certified life coach.

  • Now is your time to become a certified life coach.
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Life Coaching Courses

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